call for scores 2017

Lakeshore Rush competition

The Chicago Composers’ Consortium announces a call for scores for its upcoming collaboration with Lakeshore Rush ( on May 6, 2018. The winner of the call for scores will have her/his work programmed alongside those of members of the Consortium. There will also be a small stipend offered for travel. A concert recording will be made for the winner’s personal use.

Scores (PDF), recordings (MP3, MIDI acceptable, but not preffered) and applications (PDF) will all be submitted digitally.

Instrumentation: flute (piccolo/alto), clarinet (E-flat/bass), violin, cello, piano and percussion (See list below. Additions to this list are not possible.)

Percussion should be drawn from the following possibilities (a single percussionist, only):
Vibraphone (Range: F-F; 3.0 octaves)
Crotales (Range: C-C; 2.0 octaves)
Glockenspiel (Range: G-C; 2.5 octaves)
Concert Bass Drum
Suspended Cymbal
3 temple blocks

Timing: works cannot exceed 11 minutes.

Submissions MUST be for the entire ensemble.

Submissions may have had prior performance or recording.

Entry fee is $20 to be paid via the link on the CCC website. The fee must be paid before the application will be considered.


• PDF file of the score (labeled LASTNAME_COMPOSITIONTITLE.pdf)
• A separate pdf with composition name, composer’s contact details, bio and short program note
• link to an online file or stream of an audio file of the piece
• (if no link available) an mp3 of piece (labeled LASTNAME_COMPOSITIONTITLE.pdf)

Please zip all files and send as one zip file to Include any external links (soundcloud, etc.) in the body of your email. Click here for help with zipping files.

Application fee:
$20 application fee, payable here
Review of scores will commence after receipt of payment. Digital submission only, please.

Deadline: October 15, 2017 (extended).

Final decision to be made by December 15, 2017 (extended).

Questions may be addressed to