Our current roster includes a diverse cross-section of Chicago-area composers.

Lawrence Axelrod

“I was one of the founding members of the CCC way back in 1989. I have written for just about every musical medium possible. These days, I look for new, fun instrumental combinations and creative opportunities to get my music out into the world.”

Kyong Mee Choi

“As a composer and artist, I deeply value originality, imagination, and craftsmanship. In my work, I am intrigued by rich color, balanced structure, and organic energy flow. I write solo, chamber, large ensemble, orchestra, electronics, opera, video, and multimedia works.”

Timothy Dwight Edwards

“My work is designed with a sense of play, a purpose of thought. I want to engage the listener through both fun and intellectual engagement whether through consideration of structure, motive, timbre, texture or musical object.”

Amos Gillespie

“I am a composer and saxophonist working in a variety of genres, but always striving to better understand my individual creative voice. My style departs from the classical art music vein occasionally in distinctly American directions. This eclectic blend is generally less repetitive than minimalism, embracing an intimate association with jazz while conveying structural integrity of classical masters, employing motivic development and assembling clear, contrasting sections.”

Kathleen Cecilia Ginther

“My music emerges from multiple impulses, among them an interest in exploring texture and timbre, a sense of experimentation with sound for its own sake, and a lyrical unfolding of an overall narrative. My works, whether for solo instruments, large ensembles, electronics or interdisciplinary forces, are searching and contemplative in nature, with an irrepressible streak of playfulness and whimsy.”

Martha C. Horst

“I am interested in creating immediately sensual and provocative textures of sound that project a clear musical narrative.  This narrative is primarily conveyed through long musical lines.  My love of musical lines is directly tied to my lifelong pursuit of singing.”

Timothy Ernest Johnson

“Composer and classical guitarist Tim Johnson has spent almost four
decades cultivating a body of work that is both experimental and
traditional. His focus has been on making his compositions and
performances imbued with deep, lasting value.”

Laura Schwendinger

“As the first Berlin Prize composer, my music has been described as…’Evok(ing) a..serene mystery and infinite beauty’, ‘evincing an acute sonic imagination, sure command of craft.’, ‘darkly attractive, artful, moving…’, ‘accessible and emotional,’ ‘intensely and strongly alive’… (NYT, Chic Trib, Timeout). My present work includes an opera, chamber music, orchestral works and concertos.”

Elizabeth Start

“In my compositions I strive to start in a relatively comfortable and familiar place and stretch the envelope, bringing the listener new sounds, ideas and experiences while never quite losing sight of the path that was traveled. I also want performers to enjoy playing my works: it is very gratifying when people ask for copies of my music, whether audio for the listener, or sheet music for the performer.”


Many other Chicago composers have been part of the consortium over the years, and many more have been our guests for concerts celebrating their works.


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